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MinnieWe intercepted a Chihuahua, who we now call MINNIE, in the parking lot of a kill shelter before being DUMPED! We had some hard cases lately and we’re NOT financially fit for this but WE TOOK HER ANYWAY…How could we NOT!!! This is just another example of terrible neglect of what we call “Man’s best friend”! One of the worst cases of neglect we have seen in a long time!

SHE COULD HARDLY WALK so we took her to an Animal Hospital right away and we are awaiting test results, blood-work, ultrasound etc. Minnie is about 7 years old and remains hospitalized. There are 3 tumors, 1 giant, 2 smaller…maybe more. In the very best case scenario, she is facing a leg amputation besides the tumor removals etc. If you’d like to donate toward Minnie’s medical care, please click here.  Don’t know what else to say…But how a human being could let this go untreated is COMPLETELY INHUMANE!!!

Cost or funding will play NO ROLE in our decision to proceed with care or to let this sweet dog “go”. Testing is already underway so it all depends on factors such as cancer, pain & suffering, quality of life, prognosis, vet recommendation etc…These are the only factors that will decide Minnie’s fate. ONLY whatever is in Minnie’s best interest, free of any suffering!

ICE is a BLIND 5 months old puppy looking for love and a home!

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IceIce is a 5 months old blind Pittie mix puppy. Ice came from a neglectful and abusive home. He is safe now, but we need to find him a more permanent foster home or forever home! Please don’t stop reading…this boy needs and deserves a chance and once you learn more, you won’t even know he is blind as some people that have met him didn’t even realize that this little boy could not see!

After a mountain of tests and an MRI, the doctors have determined that any abuse that Ice may have suffered did not cause the blindness. The doctors say he was most likely just born this way. No one even knew that Ice is also hearing impaired but can hear and does respond to human voice. This came to light only after the tests at the animal hospital. We also believe he might be able to see shadows…either that or he uses him nose like a sophisticated radar since he is able run around the foster family’s yard and turn before hitting the solid fence or the trees. Dogs have such a great sense of smell that they easily compensate for the loss of sight or impairment thereof.

The good news is that Ice’s condition is non-progressive, he is otherwise perfectly healthy and can live a healthy and happy life!

All we are asking is that people open their minds. The rest will follow…Once you meet this wonderboy, you might just open your heart and your home to him.

We are still attempting to figure out if any of this can be reversed since it is fluid in the brain that has caused this condition…and once again, this is a non-progressive condition so nothing will get worse.

VIDEO of ICE running and playing coming soon. You will be amazed at his navigation skills!

We will post any updates as we get them.

LEXUS, a 2 year old three legged Mastiff mix needs a home!

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Lexus2Lexus was rescued from a NYC high kill-shelter, and is looking for a foster or forever home. She is about 2 years old, 83 lbs, up to date on all vaccines, and spayed! Lexus was born with her right front “leg” severely deformed and had no use of it at all. Since the limb was nothing but a burden to her, it was finally amputated several months ago, but don’t let that fool you. Lexus is very fast when she wants to be. She has adjusted and gotten used to her “new life.”
Lexus is currently housed in PA and would love to have a forever home!
Even though she is tolerant of other dogs, she may not be ready to live with another dog yet…depending on circumstances. She loves kisses and her belly rubbed.
If you’d like more info about Lexus, please contact Harriet:

BELLA HOPE to undergo emergency surgery!

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She has a SERIOUS INTESTINAL PROBLEM DUE TO NEGLECT, which requires a COMPLICATED SURGERY estimated at $4,000. We owe it to her after all the abuse she suffered at the human hand!

Donations towards her surgery cost will be greatly appreciated. 

Click here to donate for Bella Hope.  THANK YOU!

Jack, a 10 year old vision impaired Jack Russel needs a home!

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JackJack is a 10 year old wire haired Jack Russel, who is visually impaired, in fact he is almost, but not completely blind.

Jack’s story is especially tragic since he lost his owner and his home, all at once. After his owner died, Jack was turned over to the Monmouth County SPCA in Eatontown, NJ where he is currently residing.

The SPCA reported that there is zero interest in Jack who has cataracts and asked us for help in getting Jack into a foster or permanent home. Jack can still see shadows and gets around just fine. He is very motivated by toys and loves to play fetch, which is a good indication that he can in fact still see to a degree.

Jack1Jack still has a lot of energy and likes to go for walks. He proudly walks around with toys in his mouth and loves to have his chin rubbed.

He is good with other dogs, neutered and up to date with all his shots.

Please consider giving this loving dog a chance. He lost so much all at once, yet he still has so much life to live and love to give.

If you would like to find out more about Jack or meet him, please contact us and become a part of something very special!

Stewart, a 5 year old special needs Shiba Inu, looking for his forever home!

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Stewart-ShibaStewart is a sweet 5 year old Shiba Inu neutered male that suffers from focal seizures, a condition that is easily controlled with pheno barbital; which is very inexpensive.

Stewart is healthy in all other respects and has had several visits with a neurologist who feels that his seizures are definitely improving.

As with Lexi, the good folks at the Yonkers, NY Shelter asked us to help find a home for Stewart. They also feel that he’ll do even better and make more progress in a home, where he won’t face the everyday stress associated with any shelter environment.

Stewart is also friendly with other dogs, so please give him a chance!

Please contact us if you are interested in meeting Stewart.

Lexi, a deaf Pit/Bulldog mix needs a home!

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LexiLexi is a 2 year old Pit/Bulldog mix who is deaf. The Yonkers Animal Shelter asked SNK9 for help with Lexi, who was surrendered to them in March of 2010, for no particular reason.

Looking back, the shelter staff think that Lexi was surrendered because she is deaf, a “detail” which was never disclosed to them and took quite a while to find out.

Lexi is smart and will learn command signals as other dogs with her condition have. She likes to play with other dogs and loves being around humans. Lexi has a blanket in her run and takes good care of her things, never destroying anything. She also loves stuffed toys.

If you think you might be the one to give Lexi a chance and some love, please contact us and we will provide a trainer who specializes in working with deaf dogs to get you started.

Shorty…Still looking for a home!

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Shorty is a young energetic Pit Bull Terrier, located at the Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro, NJ. He was named Shorty because of his cute compact body with short stocky legs. Shorty Although Shorty’s front left leg is slightly deformed, it does not slow him down. He loves to play ball and with tug toys. He also has a sweet side and loves all the attention he can get. The volunteers at the shelter have been working with Shorty and his dog skills have improved SO much! Now he has some doggie friends and enjoys play dates with them at the shelter. He would be best suited for a household with no small animals and no young children. His new owner should have previous experience with bully breeds and be able to continue Shorty’s training. He is smart, loves to learn new things and picks up new training quickly. He is a strong boy so he definitely needs an owner who will be committed, responsible and patient with him.

If you would like to meet Shorty, you can contact us or you can visit him in person at the Bergen County Animal Shelter, 100 United Lane, Teterboro, NJ. The shelter is open everyday from 1PM – 5PM and on Thursday from 1PM – 8PM.

Help Us Help TUCKER!

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TuckerTucker, who is only 6 years old, has cancer. Although he’s in temporary foster care, the cancer has altered his mind in some ways and he is now considered unadoptable. He still has a lot of life in him and wants to enjoy the rest of his life eating lots more treats and run around some!

Some have suggested euthanasia again, but would we do that to a human that still has some good years to live without pain and suffering? Why not give Tucker the same chance that we would not only expect, but also demand for ourselves and other humans. Even though the cost is high, we cannot and will not turn our back on the sick and the unwanted. We just need help. Let’s not sign him off just yet!

Tucker will need your help to reach his forever home at the Spirit Animal Sanctuary, where Reuben and Buddy went to live out their years. We have to raise a little over $3,500 which will guarantee him a place in this wonderful sanctuary (that cost is “for life”.)

To donate to Tucker’s fund, just type in the donation comments “Tucker” and 100% of those donations will go directly to helping this high-spirited boy. Once at the sanctuary, he will receive all the love and care he needs for the rest of his life.

All donations are tax deductible.

Penelope, a little but big spirited special needs dog / Boston Terrier needs a home!

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Penny is about 3 yrs old and was left in a crate on the front steps of the Maplewood animal control officer’s residence last winter. Penny was denied admittance by two local animal shelters. 

Best Friends were contacted and took her in. For now, she is doing well in her foster home but she really needs more attention and would surely thrive in a “forever home”.

PennyPenny has Ankyloking Spondylitis, (a chronic, inflammatory arthritis and autoimmune disease.) It mainly affects joints in the spine and the sacroilium in the pelvis, causing eventual fusion of the spine. She will need ongoing medical supervision although the vet feels that for now her condition has stabilized. Penny has a brand new set of wheels, custom made for her by “Eddie’s Wheels” with all the bells and whistles. She is still resisting the wheels but, again, she needs someone who is willing to work with her on a more regular basis.

 Penny’s foster mom says the following about this little girl:

“Penny loves to cuddle. She never gives up with walking. Even though she can’t walk very well, that doesn’t stop her from trying. She goes swimming in the bath tub to get clean and to help her legs. She doesn’t mind the water and she does the doggy paddle pretty well, (she has a life vest in case she gets too tired). She’s a fighter, despite everything that she’s been through, she isn’t giving up. She loves people and other animals.”

 “She knows to go to the bathroom outside but in cold weather she knows to go on the wee wee pads. She’s has a funny personality, is eager to please, loves attention and loves to give kisses.”

 Are you that special someone that can take on the challenge this special needs dog, accompanied with a bundle of some serious love?

Newborn birds need help!

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Scroll down for an update.

Well, it’s not kittens this time. During a heavy storm two days ago, a bird’s nest fell out of a tree. The nest also contained two babies no more then a week old. One still had the eyes closed and the other seemed a little bit stronger.

baby doves1The nest was destroyed, so I built a new nest from fine branches, tall dried grass and leaves. I installed the new nest only about 10 feet from the tree where it used to be. After placing whatever was left from the old nest as a top layer of the new one, I carefully placed both babies in it.

I did see what could have been the “momma” bird sitting close by, but after I placed them in the new nest, I have not seen her since. I could not leave the babies on the ground since there are a lot of stray cats everywhere.

The nest was solid and it even had a roof which I built from large leaves, but still had plenty of access for the mother if she appeared.

I bought food for newborn birds baby doves3and after mixing with water, I have been feeding them 2X a day with a syringe. I have not seen any adult birds anywhere close to the nest.

So far they survived one night alone. I have marked the nest with some dried grass so that if there is a larger/adult bird in it at any time I will know. If not, I will have to take these two babies to Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital, in Franklin Lakes, NJ. I know they take in wildlife in need of help.


UPDATE:  Since there was no momma bird around, I did not want to wait another night and leave them exposed to the elements. Both of the babies (Doves) were taken to the Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital. The staff there were wonderful and took the pair without hesitation.

I called a day later, on Wednesday, only to learn that one of them did not make it. The other one is still alive and is in the best of hands. 

I hope he/she makes it and gets a chance to fly one day!


Buddy…the fight to save his life!

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Buddy1Scroll down for updates.

Buddy is an American Bulldog/Pit bull mix that either escaped his prison or was just tossed out of a car like a bag of garbage.  He was saved by a girl named Angela (photo) who gave him love and a place to stay, even if only for a few days.  Although he was friendly with us, Angela and even her 9 year old niece Jianna, Buddy had an minor incident which we are sure was brought on by his life’s experiences with the his past “captors”.

Buddy spent the last 11 days at a privately owned animal control company named TYCO, located in Paramus, NJ.  We are still raising funds for Buddy to go to the same animal sanctuary as Reuben.  It specializes in hard to adopt or unadoptable cases such as Reuben and Buddy.  We believe that these dogs should not be left behind, especially since they were both harmed by humans.  Reuben is already going in the very near future, but Buddy is still being held by Tyco, who are not willing to release him, even to Special Needs K9 who has supplied them with all the documents and contracts needed for his release.

Buddy has a spot reserved at this wonderful sanctuary, where he will not be chained to a wall or be forced to spend days at a time locked up in a cage. 

Hopefully, with your help and the help from people like Ellen Thelin, an attorney who is not only heavily involved in animal rescue but has also donated her services to SNK9 in the past and also in this case regarding Buddy.

Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE:   Buddy is safe in a wonderful sanctuary in upstate NY. More details to come soon.    CLICK HERE for a FULL UPDATE.

For now:  We are still raising funds for Buddy…little over $1,200 dollars is still needed to pay off the balance to take care of his basic needs for the rest of his life at the sanctuary. All contributions are tax deductible. If you would like to donate, please Click here.

We do special needs, hard adoptions or unadoptable cases (they are all special needs). We take the cases that no one wants and the ones that have limited time to live. We have to step up and make up for what the heartless people did to the ones with the most pure of hearts. Before we, as humans, hurt them or make them unadoptable, they are just like children, innocent and loving. My wish in life is that they stay that way…and they will…without the interventions of the heartless, selfish, angry and uncaring.

Thank you all for your support and all the help we have received!!! 

Mike Pravec  (SNK9 founder/president).

Can You Help Us Help Save Reuben?

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Reuben-before copyScroll down for updates.

 In December, this beautiful boy was taken away from his owners because they were starving and beating him.  He endured a lot of abuse including having his mouth tied shut so tightly that the scars are still visible. Reuben was so badly beaten that it caused irreversible neurological damage which makes it difficult for him to walk correctly and process day to day activities.

Although Reuben has gained a lot of weight and looks healthy, it seems as though his emotional scars will never quite disappear.  Reuben is very tense and fearful when around humans and in a home setting. We have tried him in four different homes but it seems that he just can’t get comfortable living around people.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS! What Reuben lacks in trust for humans, he Reuben-after more than makes up in his LOVE of other dogs! They are the only “people” Reuben wants to be around! When Reuben sees other dogs, his body relaxes and his playful puppy side comes out.  Because of this, we have decided that the kindest thing to do for this poor boy is to send him to a dog sanctuary where he can live around other dogs and play, play, play ALL DAY!

The wonderful sanctuary we would like to send Reuben to is Spirit Animal Sanctuary in upstate NY.  He will have over 120 acres to play on and 100 other dogs to call his friends!

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Spirit Animal asks that the dogs be sponsored for the first four years they live there, which totals $3400.00 or $2.30 a day. Rescues don’t have that kind of money but we don’t want to let Reuben down! He has been through so much in his life and deserves a happy ending.  We are asking everyone to chip in what they can!  We are grateful for your $20, $10, $5 or even $1 donation.  No amount is too small and every penny counts! Please help us make Reuben’s nightmare end and his dreams come true!  You can donate on line at In the comment space please remember to type REUBEN so the money goes specifically to him.  If you have any questions, please email Leigh Carmody at                       

Thank you for all your support!!       Please feel free to cross-post!!


UPDATE:  On June 1st, 2010, Leigh Carmody, the person that saved Reuben’s life and nursed him back to health, did successfully transport Reuben to his new home in upstate NY (Spirit Animal Sanctuary, SAS).

Alan, the founder of the sanctuary, welcomed Reuben with open arms and as Leigh reported, it looks like a match made in heaven.

Having been at the sanctuary myself 3 days prior with Buddy, I can certainly vouch for this wonderful place…a dogie heaven!

There are many people to thank and more details to share. Details to follow shortly.

Two dogs, one blind, given away without owner’s consent during his stay in a hospital.

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Scroll down for updates.

The owner of two beautiful rescued dogs spent a week in a local hospital in NJ.Abbie Once out of the hospital, he learned that those two dogs had been taken from him, apparently by a family member, and given away without his consent. That family member is not co-operating with the dog’s owner and will not disclose their location or status. 

One of the dogs, Abbie (8 year old Lab/Pit Bull mix), is completely blind. The other dog, Spencer (3-4 year old Corgi/German Shepherd mix), has separation issues. The owner, who himself was a volunteer at a local shelter in theSpencer 1 past, is devastated and asked for our help. 

First, we need to find these dogs in order to make sure that they are OK and they are properly cared for. All other legal issues pertaining to this matter are secondary and can be addressed in the future. Please let us know if you have seen or heard anything regarding these two pups.


UPDATE: 4/8/10  Special Needs K9 made a phone call to the relative (mother) yesterday evening (4/7/10) on behalf of our rescue group in an attempt to find out if the dogs were alive and properly cared for. We were told they were. Unable to just take anyone’s word for it, we asked to visit them in person to verify that they were OK. That request was not granted, but we were told that the new “owners” would be contacted to see if they would consent to it. 

Knowing about the restraining orders between the mother and the son, it was stressed during the conversation with the mother that the owner of the dogs (her son) did not ask SNK9 to call her, did not provide us with her contact information and did not know that SNK9 was actually contacting her.

Despite those facts, we learned the next day, Thursday 4/8/10, that after our conversation, the mother called the police and had the son arrested for a violation of a restraining order. This is a frivolous charge and an attempt to silence the search for these dogs. 


UPDATE: 4/13/10  And the story keeps on getting uglier.  After the dog owner (referred to as “son” above) posted our web-site story about his plea on his Face-book wall, the person that took his dogs away, his own mother, had him arrested, AGAIN. 

We are not done with this case! We’ll keep looking.


UPDATE: 5/11/10  About 2 weeks ago, a judge had ordered the mother to disclose to her son Greg the whereabouts of his dogs. She has not complied with this order. On this day, we attended an enforcement hearing in Bergen County Superior Court. The mother did not show up and the hearing was postponed. 


UPDATE: 6/01/10  After the last court order, where a Superior Court judge ordered Greg’s mother to disclose the whereabouts of his dogs, the order has been been reversed.  Greg reported to us that a judge reversed the prior decision, stating that Greg had given up the ownership rights to his dogs when he went to the hospital.

We feel that the decision was wrong and Greg is in the process of retaining an attorney to continue this legal battle to get his dogs back.

“URGENT” – Blue is BLIND and his time is running out! He needs a home!

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Blue (Blind)This beautiful boy, named “Blue”, is in need of a foster! This poor baby was surrendered to the NYC shelter because his owner couldn’t care for him, because he is blind. He is 2 yrs old, and 95 lbs. Blue is totally confused, and scared! He has no idea where he is, and why he is there! He desperately needs a foster or a forever home! A blind dog is not that hard to care for. Once he knows your home and property he will be able to get around by himself. He is another victim that was thrown away and his time is running out!

Snuggles; Abused by humans. He needs a chance at LOVE!

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SnugglesSnuggles is a one year old very friendly pit boy. He is currently at a NYC shelter waiting for a chance at love that he so much deserves. Asked for help, we need someone willing to at least foster him since all our foster homes are full. This boy was obviously abused by the human hand (it was reported that he was severely beaten.) He can not be neutered at this time due to his weight, but that can be done at a later time. Let’s save Snuggles before it’s too late. He needs to experience what LOVE really means! Neutering and other initial medical expenses will be covered by SNK9. Transport also available.

“URGENT” – TROOPER…Desparetely seeking a foster home for recovery!

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Trooper1This poor Rottie was roaming the streets of Elizabeth using only three legs for at least 2 years, since one of his rear legs was broken. Animal control finally caught up with him earlier this week and put him in a local pound. All Star Pet Rescue immediately pulled him out and brought him to a vet. His rear leg is severely atrophied, infected & oozing, and will need to be amputated.

We were contacted to help this poor boy, who is terrified of everything, but has been a trooper through it all. Trooper That’s why he was given the name “Trooper”. He is currently located in a kennel, which is not the best environment for a recovery after an amputation. We are desperately seeking anyone that can foster Trooper after his operation. If you are unable to foster him, you can still make a difference by making a donation on his behalf, to help with his medical costs. Trooper is a sweet dog and is only muzzled in this photo from the vet’s office because no one was sure how he would react. Please help give this boy a second chance!

Cada…Shepherd mix needs a home

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CadaCada is a sweet 2 year old Shepherd mix that was dumped off at a NY City shelter because his previous owners claimed he was over weight and did not want him anymore. He is only 30 lbs and has not adjusted well to the shelter life. He is loving towards some and not so much towards others. Cada needs a home with firm leadership (someone with experience), devotion, training and love. He is housebroken and very loyal. Please contact us if you can foster or provide a home for Cada. Transportation is available if needed.

URGENT… Biggie has 24 hours to live.

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FROM ACC. Brooklyn and Staten Island Care Center.  “BIGGIE” is such a great dog that is down on his luck!  He was brought into the shelter by the cops because he was hit by a car and laying on the side of the road.  His wounds turned out to be somewhat superficial, but he was still banged up pretty badly.  He is a really sweet dog.  He just isn’t happy being here.  He was given a moderate by medical because he was in pain when he came in and was tense and nervous. Biggie The staff here feels he is a good boy and he has shown no aggression or given anyone any issues at all. Please save this boy today.  He weighs 60 pounds. Pamela ward: New Hope Coordinator
Animal Care & Control
Brooklyn & Staten Island Care Centers
cell: 646-772-5293
work hours:
Sun – Thur 9am – 5:30pm
“Rescue just one until there are none”