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PEARL (hiding in the back of the photo) was found scared and living in garbage by Animal Control in central New Jersey.

Used for breeding at some point in her life as well as an obvious victim of ABUSE, Pearl was found with a bloody nose which was later diagnosed as a BROKEN JAW.

This blunt force trauma injury was certainly no accident.

Kicked in the face or being struck by a hard object was most likely just a part of what that caused this extremely sweet dog to be very fearful as well as “emotionally shut down.”


Although Pearl’s spirit seems to be broken, we know that kindness, love and a stable home will give this girl a chance not only at life full of love and happiness but also a chance to trust humans again.

Pearl has undergone surgery to repair and wire her jaw. She will need a second surgery in a couple of months to remove the wires after which time she will become available for adoption.

Pearl is 4-5 years old,  has been spayed and is up to date on all her shots.

Our “HOMELESS with PETS” program.

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In November of 2012, Special Needs K9 hit the streets of NY City as well as some areas of NJ to start off our “Homeless with Pets” program.

This program was designed to help the homeless (many of whom are MILITARY VETERANS that our own country has FAILED) and their pets by supplying them with food…and yes that includes human food as well as dog food, blankets, cloths, few dollars and other daily necessities. We will also provide medical treatment for their pets when necessary, but only when our funds allow such actions (unfortunately so far, we have not had sufficient funds to provide medical care for the dogs in need since we started this program). We get NO government grants. We solely depend on donations, all of which go to our cause. We do NOT collect ANY salaries.

This program is to run indefinitely or until lack of funding forces us to shut it down. That’s the last thing we want to see as there are many people and animals living on the streets that NEED OUR HELP! So if you can find it in your heart to give a little, please go to our donate page. Again, there are no salaries paid out by SNK9 and all donations go directly to the needy.


UPDATE: 2-14-13 “Valentine’s Day”:  So far we have done about 7 runs in NY and NJ. We have helped a number of people and their pets but we know there are many more as some are hard to track down. If you see any people with their pets living on the streets without homes and daily shelter that we all take so much for granted, please let us know of their location via e-mail so we can help them.

We will continue to do our very best but we can NOT do it alone!  Please…..HELP US HELP THEM! 

UPDATE with PHOTOS:  3-17-13  SNK9 at work in NYC caring for dogs living with the homeless.  Stacey of SNK9 and her niece Gabby and nephew Thomas helping to deliver blankets and dog food to the needy. It is great to see that the younger generation cares and wants to make a difference.


Left photo:  Stacey of SNK9 (middle) with her niece Gabby (left) and Ellie, the dog’s owner (right).

Right photo:  Thomas (left) and Gabby (right) making sure that the dog has enough food to last a couple of weeks.

BRANDY, “thrown away” senior from FL rescued from euthanasia.

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Brandy is a sweet senior from Florida, who was surrendered to a local High Kill Shelter by her owner because she was “too old”!

Since a mixed breed over 10 years old that needs medical attention is not at the top of anyone’s adoption list, Brandy was scheduled to be euthanized or as many shelters put it “destroyed”.  HER ONLY CRIME…GETTING OLD!

Special Needs K9 contacted the shelter and put a stop to the execution while looking for a way to get Brandy from FL to NJ. We enlisted the help of Neil Golden of “On The Road Again” and Martha Chandler of “Martha’s Mutt Movers”. They quickly and flawlessly organized the transport and with the help of over 20 volunteers, each of whom transported her part of the way, Brandy finally arrived in NJ two days later. (Brandy’s transport photo gallery)

Brandy was tired and confused, but she was alive. She was diagnosed with mange and giardia. These are common in shelters with poor and dirty kennel conditions. Brandy is currently in ISO at Kamp Kanine while she recuperates. She will be spayed once she gets healthy and will then be available for adoption.

Although Brandy made it out, let’s not forget the thousands of senior dogs that are euthanized in shelters across the country each year after becoming a “nuisance” to their owners who turn them over to shelters for execution!

HOLLY, an 11 month old Christmas miracle needs a home!

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Holly is an 11 month old Pittie mix and just like Noelle, she was scheduled to be euthanized on Christmas 2011, at a high kill NYC shelter. There was going to be no evaluation and Holly was automatically placed on a “Euth list” since she had a terrible case of mange, a skin condition causing open wounds and scabs all over the body, as well as hair loss.

We already took in Noelle and didn’t want to leave Holly behind to die just because she was sick! But we had no foster homes available for her. Once again, we turned for help to our friends at Zani’s Furry Friends in NYC and Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge (RBARI) in Oakland, NJ.

Joining hands with others that share our passion for saving lives of innocent animals would once again prove to work and save Holly’s life. The girl’s at Zani’s helped us get Holly out of the shelter. We agreed to take care of her medical bills and RBARI agreed to house her once she was well enough to leave the hospital. 

Once at the hospital, besides the mange, Holly was also found to suffer from a number of ailments including Canine Influenza, which is highly contagious. She would have to be quarantined for at least a couple of weeks.

About one month later, on the same day Noelle was released from the hospital, Holly was getting her discharge papers as well. She was now healthy and her coat is getting much better. It will still take some time to get her coat back to normal but she is expected to make a 100% recovery. She is extremely sweet, submissive and excellent around people, children and other dogs.

Holly is currently housed at the RBARI facility in Oakland, NJ where she goes by the name Molly to aviod confusion with a different Holly that used to reside there.  Holly/Molly is up to date with all her shots and can be visited during normal adoption hours (to view adoption hours, click on the RBARI link above).  PHOTO ABOVE, HOLLY/MOLLY NOW.

NOELLE is a sweet 1 1/2 year old Pittie mix ready for adoption!

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Noelle is a very sweet Pittie mix who was scheduled to be euthanized on Christmas at a high kill NYC shelter. Noelle didn’t stand a chance since her leg was broken and the shelter does not evaluate dogs that come in sick or with an injury. They are just placed on the “Euth list” and their sentence is carried out within a couple of days. Noelle’s sentence was to be carried out on 12/24/2011…Christmas Eve.

We specialize in the rescue of the ones left behind, the least likely to get adopted and the most likely to be put to sleep inside the shelter walls. Noelle was a perfect candidate. It was a race against time and with only hours to spare, Noelle was pulled from the shelter into the safe hands of SNK9. Noelle was saved on Christmas day and was taken to Pompton Lakes Animal Hospital for treatment of the broken leg. Since she was saved on Christmas Eve, we felt the name Noelle suited her better then her shelter name “Hilda”. We owe a huge thanks to Zani’s Furry Friends rescue (NYC) for helping us get Noelle to safety.

Noelle spent nearly a month at the hospital healing her broken leg and later a foot infection on the same leg. She was finally released at the end of January and went to her foster home, with the assistance of another great rescue located by the Jersey shore, Rescue Ridge. Noelle’s cast has been removed and she is healing beautifully, receiving tons of love from her foster friends.

Noelle is another one of many examples of how working together saves lives. We were not afraid to ask for help from others and others were not affraid to step with us into the “unknown” and save an innocent life!

Noelle is spayed and up to date with all her shots. All she now needs is a loving family to share her life with.

BUDDY #2 goes to SAS.

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Buddy #2, a 5 year old Shiba Inu Huskie mix, who was abused then thrown away only to end up on death row in a high kill NY shelter, has been Buddydelivered to Spirit Animal Sanctuary (SAS) by SNK9.

Buddy also suffers from hip, leg and ankle problems resulting from being hit by a car before ending up at the shelter. Buddy #2 was rescued from the shelter by a dedicated animal lover. Through a chain of events and no fault of his own, Buddy became virtually unadoptable and SNK9’s help was enlisted. He has joined our Buddy #1 and Reuben at the sanctuary, and we wish him all the best!

WEDNESDAY, a brave dog with a broken spine coming to USA from Romania.

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Although Wednesday has a broken spine his spirit is far from broken!

WednesdayThis brave boy was found on the streets of Romania dragging his rear legs behind. He was taken in by a Romanian family to foster and another international rescue started working on getting Wednesday to the U.S.A. and finding him a permanent home. SNK9 was contacted to see about a wheelchair for Wednesday. After seeing his video how could we say no?

After people from all over donated enough funds for Wednesday’s plane ticket to America, the plans were finalized. Wednesday is scheduled to arrive in NY on August 26th, 2011. He will stay over at a temporary foster’s home for a couple of days before being united with his new forever family.

As promised, SNK9 will provide Wednesday with a custom made wheelchair to help him run once again and “feel the wind.” There are many people and groups to thank for saving Wednesday, once again proving that working together saves lives and makes a difference! The abused, neglected and the discarded all deserve a chance to feel the warmth of a true home and the touch of a loving hand!

7th Grade students from Wyckoff raise funds for SNK9.

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It started in December, 2010 with a visit from SNK9 to Mrs. Ebanietti’s 7th grade class at Eisenhower Middle School in Wyckoff, NJ. Our mission for this visit was to raise awareness about homeless and needy animals to our younger generation.

Abby, Cameron, Caroline, Connor, Elliot, Eric, Kara, Mike and Ryan were the students in this 7th grade class. They listened and took everything to heart. But that was just not enough for them. Now that they knew the horror that so many homeless pets have to go through, they wanted to make a difference and help save lives.

And so they did. These 12 and 13 year old kids embarked on a mission to raise money for Special Needs K9 by selling customized dog bowls and walking dogs. It was called their “Dog Bowls Project”, and they called themselves SNK9 “Puppy Pals.”

In mid June, 2011 just before the summer break and after months of hard work and dedication, the Puppy Pals contacted us and said they were ready to present us with their contribution.

SNK9 Puppy Pals sold 102 dog bowls, walked 18 dogs, collected $71.00 in coin donations, and $105.00 from a bake sale…GRAND TOTAL: An unbelievable $687.75…that is not counting the 16 bowls made for SNK9 to use for our foster dogs.

SNK9 Puppy Pals

So our hats off to these young people…the Puppy Pals…for not letting it in one ear and out the other, for not looking the other way! They are our heroes and inspiration.

Special thanks to Mrs. Ebanietti, Eisenhower Middle School and we must not forget the parents of these amazing kids, who did such a wonderful job in raisinig their children.

Thank you PUPPY PALS!

ISABELLA, the Shar Pei/Lab mix can finally see!

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Isabella, the Shar Pei/Lab mix who suffered from an extreme case of entropion can finally see again.

Isabella had her surgery 6 weeks ago and it was a huge success. Dr. Cattiny of Pompton Lakes Animal Hospital performed the surgery and had to reconstruct parts of Isabella’s eye lids. This was the most severe case of entropion anyone of us has ever seen.

Isabella now moves her head around non-stop to look at every little movement as she enjoys her new gift of sight. Her recovery has been amazing as the photos below show her journey from before surgery (left), two days post surgery (middle), and finally six weeks after (right).

Isabella after surgery June

Click on each image to enlarge.Isabella, Angel1Isabella after surgery1 copy

Click here to read about Isabella’s story and her journey to be able to open her eyes and see again.

CHANCE, the abandoned and starved Boxer mix has been adopted!

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Chance, the Boxer/American Bulldog mix that was abandoned inside the basement of a vacant inner city house and leftChance with new Fam there to die before being rescued by SNK9, has finally been adopted.

After several months of rehabilitation, training and gaining 40 lbs, Chance has found his “perfect” family. He now has the life that he and so many others deserve. His new family, consisting of three young children and their parents, loves him very much.

After our visit with the family to finalize the adoption, we witnessed how this gentle giant shows his gratitude and love by playing ever so gently with all the children. It was very obvious that Chance and his family are a perfect match.

We don’t need to wish him the best of luck…he has already won the jackpot!

To read about Chance and view his original post with photos click here.

Cracker Jack – Team work proves miracles do happen!

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Cracker Jack is a 2 year old Jack Russell that was surrendered by his owner at an inner city shelter.

Cracker JackCracker was going to be euthanized the same day he was brought in, even though he had done nothing wrong and appeared to have no behavioral issues. Usually, dogs get 7 days at most city shelters to give people a chance to reclaim them. Cracker’s case was different. Since he was surrendered by his owner, the shelter did not have the legal responsibility to keep him for the 7 day period.

When we met Cracker, even though he was in a very stressful and unpleasant situation, he kept wagging his tail (photo) and shared countless kisses.

We reached out to SNK9’s loyal friends and supporters asking for help in finding this little guy a foster or permanent home. We only had hours to work with and luckily, one of our supporters, Gina Mastrogiovanni, contacted us with news that one of her long time friends, an experienced dog owner who loves the breed was interested in adopting him.

We pulled Cracker out of the shelter, and took him to the vet for a check up, blood work, shots and to be neutered.

The next day, we picked him up at the vet and traveled to the country to do a meet and greet and a home check with his new potential mommy.

Cracker Jack homeThere was an instant connection between the two and everything else went great as well, including meeting with the family’s 2 dogs and a cat.

It was a perfect match and the adoption process was completed before the end of the day.

One week later, his mom reports that he’s just the sweetest thing and she has found an awesome and forever friend in Cracker.

This is yet another case with a similar story and proof that when people pull together, share information and work as a team, miracles do happen and lives are saved!

Merry Christmas Cracker and special thanks to Gina!

13 month old Rocco receives help from SNK9.

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Rocco, a 13 month old Boston Terrier, developed a film over one of his eyes. The family’s regular veterinarian diagnosed him with congenital glaucoma with an eye ulcer.

The family could not afford the lifetime of care and reached out to SNK9. We set up and funded an evaluation for Rocco at the Animal Eye Center of New Jersey.

RoccoThe opthamologist there didn’t see any signs of glaucoma and Rocco was diagnosed with Keratitis from eye trauma. Rocco received eye drops to reduce inflammation and a follow up visit still showed no signs of glaucoma.

Rocco is back to normal and his old self again.

This is an example why at certain times it is so important to seek an opinion of a specialist. Especially when dealing with eyes, opthamologists have the equipment that most regular vets don’t. This equipment is essential to making a correct diagnosis, without which eyesight can be lost. In many cases, eye drops can either solve the problem or at least slow down the process of deterioration.

Buddy the Lab saved from shelter!

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Buddy, the 1 to 2 year old Lab who was skin and bones, was pulled from a shelter by Special Needs K9 last week and taken to the vet for shots and a check up. He was too frail to even be considered for neutering at that time, which will be taken care of as soon as he puts some weight on.

Buddy Buddy1







Buddy has already been adopted by a wonderful family and is doing great. His new family reports that he is getting along with their cats, neighbor’s dog and responding well to training. He goes for a walk everyday and is receiving much love.

Thank you Melinda and family for letting Buddy into your lives and giving him a loving home!

Basil saved from inner city shelter.

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Basil @ shelterBasil, a young sweet and loving Pit Bull Terrier, was scheduled for euthanization at an inner city shelter. Special Needs K9 placed a hold on Basil as we searched for Basil’s new home and his chance at a happy life.

About one week later, SNK9 pulled Basil from the shelter and took him for a check up and shots to a local animal hospital. As some inner city shelters, this shelter does not provide certain medical care such as vaccinations.


BasilAfter the vet visit, we were off to New England to place Basil with his new family we had found for him. The adoption papers were filled out and as we were sad to leave Basil behind (which always seems to be the case), we were extremely happy that he will have his chance at a very happy life with his wonderful new family.

That was several days ago and we are happy to report that Basil is doing great and getting along very well with his new “sister”, Petunia.

 Basil, home at last

Thank you Carl and Pam for opening your hearts and home to this innocent pup as you have done to others in the past. You have made a difference!



  Another life saved…so many more to go.

Three dogs saved from inner city shelter.

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Paterson shelter Transport (2) copyThree dogs that were in urgent need of rescue were picked up at an inner city shelter by Special Needs K9 crew, Leigh and Stacey. Once loaded up, all three were transported to Sussex County, where a second leg (Vanessa) picked them up to bring them to their final rescue destination at the Humane Society of Milford, PA.

There were other people involved in the process of saving these three lives…Frannie from Hug-a-Bunny Rabbit Rescue, Vanessa (a young vet tech involved in animal rescues), RBARI shelter (provided transport crates) and of course others behind the scenes. This brings us to the same point that Paterson shelter Transport copywe have mentioned many times before: It is not only great when people work together to save the lives of innocent animals, but it is an absolute must!  Although saving one at a time is the core of many rescues including SNK9, if we all work together, we can certainly make a much greater impact.

Penelope has been adopted!

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PennyPenny, the special needs Boston Terrier has been adopted! This case is a great example of the power of sharing information, people and rescues working together towards a common goal.

Click here to read Penny’s original story.

Trooper arrives in sunny California.

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Trooper1From roaming the streets of Elizabeth for over 2 years with a broken leg, Trooper, is a true “rags to riches” story.

After his left rear leg had to be amputated, it took Trooper some time to recover. After nearly ten months, Trooper has finaly found his forever home in San Diego, CA. He will be enjoying the sun with his new family who lives on the beach.

Trooper in CAOur hats off to All Star Pet Rescue, their team and all others that were involved to ensure that Trooper get his chance at happiness.

It would be ideal if every story had such a happy ending, but unfortunately that is not the fact.

So please don’t buy, but adopt instead. Support your local rescue groups so there can be more endings like Trooper’s. Sometimes, fairy tales do come true!  Way to go Trooper!

September 5th, 2010, SNK9 celebrated our one year anniversary. Tink adopted!

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On September 5th, 2010, we celebrated our one year anniversary. It all started one year ago with Mr. Blue/Willie.

Since then, SNK9 saved many lives and assisted with rescue of many others.
We are grateful for the support of our members, fans and all the animal lovers out there that have been so generous in assisting us towards achieving our common goal.

Tink and new familyIt was also on this day that a wonderful dog named Tink was adopted from SNK9, by a wonderful family. Tink was pulled from the shelter by SNK9, along with a couple of other dogs (Diva/Sara and Marley) a few weeks ago, all suffering from severe kennel stress, which would have ultimately claimed their lives.
So, congratulations Tink and your new family!

Photo: Tink on the left, next to Jax (once used as a “bait” dog, before being rescued), with their parents. Teddy and Toni have done an amazing job with Jax and we know that Tink is in the best of hands.

Even though our last year was a success, we are shooting for the stars in the coming year, but once again, we will be asking for your help in the future!

Thank you all!

Mr. Blue/Willie. One year anniversary of his adoption this weekend!

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Mr. Blue/Willie, the little one eyed muscle man, who started this all will be celebrating a one year anniversary of his adoption this weekend, September 5th, 2010. Willie struck gold on that day in 2009, when he was adopted by an amazing family.

0824091836a copy2 copyWe always thought we would wonder and worry about “Mr. Blue” and how he was doing. Well, let me tell you…we stopped worrying a long time ago. As we all know, one of the keys to the mental and physical health of a dog is proper exercise.

You see, Mr. Blue’s new mom, Cindy Fox of Cindy Fox Fitness  is a fitness instructor and has over 20 years of professional experience (just click on her link and you’ll understand.)  Mr. Blue gets regular exercise, and we mean exercise, besides a proper diet, his daily eye drops and vet care.

Since the creation of Special Needs K9, many lives have been saved and hopefully many more will be able to get another chance with our help, and the help from people that believe that all dogs and other animals deserve an equal chance.

So…Willie (Our “Mr. Blue”) and Cindy…happy anniversary and thank you!

Truffle, the guinea pig, saved.

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Frannie & TruffleTruffle is a beautiful, sweet and affectionate guinea pig whose owner contacted a local animal hospital and wanted to give Truffle away. The owner also stated that if Truffle does not have a new home within 2 days, Truffle would be “discarded”.

The animal hospital contacted Tina Cox, a woman who has a passion for these wonderful creatures. Tina has rescued many “piggies” in the past including two through SNK9 and has seven of her own.

The time was of the essence, and Tina contacted Special Needs K9. We put the information and request for help on facebook and received an almost immediate response from Frannie, who runs Hug-a-Bunny Rabbit Rescue along with her friend Jamie.

Frannie said she would take Truffle. We picked him up at the animal hospital and transported him into the safe hands of Frannie (see photo), who actually gave him the name “Truffle”. She said, “new name for a new beginning”. 

Special Needs K9 would like to thank the team of people who helped save Truffle’s life, including the people at Dumont Animal Hospital, Tina Cox, Frannie and Jamie of Hug-a-Bunny Rabbit Rescue!

Orphaned newborn kittens saved.

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A few days ago, a woman named Judy from Brooklyn called us asking for help with newborn kittens that she found. They were only a couple of days old and stuck in between two fences. Judy said that mamma cat was nowhere to be found and so it seemed that the babies were on their own.
As we are not in NY and it was close to dark, we sent out a plea for help via our face-book.
It was very exciting to hear that you, our fans, made many calls to Judy offering help. One of you actually found a person that had a cat that was lactating and by 11PM same day, the newborn orphaned kittens were delivered to her new mommy. It only took a few moments before the bond was formed and the feeding began.

Our deepest thanks to our loyal friends and fans!

UPDATE: Reuben goes to Spirit Animal Sanctuary (SAS)

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Reuben-beforeREUBEN IS SAFE!

Reuben’s journey started in December of 2009, when he was taken away from his owners after being tortured. Reuben was starved, had his mouth tied shut so tight that the scars are still visible and was beaten so badly that he suffered irreversible neurological damage. This made it difficult for Reuben to walk and process day to day activities.

It was just about over for him…if not for one determined woman with an enormous heart. Her name is Leigh Carmody and she saved Reuben’s life! You see, Leigh did not listen to people that didn’t believe Reuben could make it.  It would be tough, but she did not turn the other cheek. She took this tortured soul into her home to foster and gave him her heart.

Leigh nursed Reuben back to health, and although he looked physically OK, he still had problems walking and worst of all, his emotional scars caused by the human hand didn’t seem to heal.

Leigh and her husband Ron tried Reuben in several different homes but it seemed that  he was just not comfortable living around people…and who could blame him!

What Reuben lacked in trust for humans, he more then made up in his love of other dogs. Leigh and Ron have 4 other dogs and although Leigh wanted to keep Reuben, “five” was a big number. Besides, the most important issue here was what was best for Reuben…what would Reuben like the most. After all, we as humans owed him, and owed him big!

Leigh knew that Reuben would be happiest at a place where he could just be around other dogs and play all day long. She found a place just like this in upstate NY, called the “Spirit Animal Sanctuary”, but it would cost a good deal of money. The sanctuary is a non-profit place and all the money goes to the care of all the dogs that reside there.

Several months ago, Stacey and I were introduced to Leigh and Ron by a mutual friend. We were very impressed by her dedication and determination to save Reuben. We started raising funds for Reuben to be able to go to the sanctuary and live out the rest of his life on his terms.

This is where all of you came in.

From internet postings, to word of mouth, to posting fliers. So many of you stepped up to pitch in and help. Too many people to mention individually, but we thank you all!

Although I didn’t want to mention and single out  any one person, I feel that I must say one special thank you. It goes to a very special person and her angel Caitlin. It’s comforting to know that there are indeed angels among us! You both had such a big part in saving Reuben. Somehow you found us and I do believe in miracles. Thank you, and thank you Caitlin!

Reuben at SASThanks to all of you, the funds needed were raised and Leigh took Reuben on his final journey to his final home. Reuben arrived at the Spirit Animal Sanctuary on June 1st, 2010. Alan (in photo on left with Reuben), the founder and director of the sanctuary, played with Reuben as if they had been friends their entire lives. As I had the pleasure of meeting Alan a few days earlier when I dropped off Buddy, I can say two things:  The sanctuary is dog heaven and Alan is the dog whisperer in my book. The resident dogs, all deemed un-adoptable or hard to adopt at one time or another, are not only well behaved and balanced, but most importantly they all seem so happy! It is a special place and I know that Reuben and Buddy are in the best of hands!


UPDATE: Buddy at SAS

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Buddy is safe and doing great!Buddy-Petey10

After a long and exhausting battle with Tyco (a privately owned animal control service), Buddy was turned over to SNK9 on May29th, 2010.

Tyco wanted to euthanize Buddy even after we offered to take all legal and financial responsibility in order to save his life and give him a new start at the Spirit Animal Sanctuary in upstate NY. After over a hundered calls, documents and contracts, Tyco ran out of hurdles to throw in our way. All we wanted to do is save a life. They did not seem to share our concerns and motives.

So on Saturday, May 29th, Angela, Stacey and I came down to the Tyco facility in Paramus to get Buddy out of yet another prison and transport him to freedom. I came ready with over 50 pages of documents and a dozen different contracts. I was given one piece of paper to sign and that was it. It was a contract assuming all responsibility. Exactly what could have and should have been done in the first place…one piece of paper…I thought to myself, “are you kidding me?”

The money making business of animal control is not something I understand or even want to. What’s even more beyond my comprehension is why Paramus got rid of the shelter and contracted Tyco to operate the facility. When the shelter was run by the town, it was an animal rescue operation, not a “for profit business” as it is now. But that’s another story.

 Angela went and got Buddy out, he was placed into my truck and off we went.

It was a long trip, but after about 5 hours, we reached our destination, the “Spirit Animal Sanctuary”. Alan, the founder and director of the sanctuary greeted us and as I opened my truck to get Buddy out and introduce them, Alan just took the leash from my hands and started playing with Buddy. They were face to face and more dogs were coming to say hello. I was a little nervous, for about 10 seconds. That’s how long it took for me to realize that this man and all his dogs, which now included Buddy, were all one big happy family and there was nothing, and I mean nothing to worry about.

TY Angela, Hi Alan

Buddy SAS








We looked around and got to meet some of Buddy’s future friends and roommates. I thought “so this is what dog haven looks like”. I can’t describe the feeling I had. It was something very special!

We said our “see you later” to Buddy and Alan. As Alan and Buddy started hopping over the tall grass towards the woods, Buddy stopped, turned his head and as if he knew everything, gave us one more look before he and Alan disappeared into the wooded area. I know that look. He said “Thank You!”  We felt it and we knew for certain that he was safe and happy!

It has been 2 weeks since that day, and Alan reported that Buddy, now named Petey (too many Buddies in one place), is doing great and is in fact one of the easier dogs.

I’m thrilled that Buddy got a second chance at life. This time around, it will be much happier. No neglect, no abuse, just a lot of friends and family.

There were many people involved in different ways. Some made a donation, some offered their services, some made calls, wrote letters and e-mails. In the end, a life was saved and that is a big deal!Buddy-Petey with family

We are thrilled that Angela joined SNK9 after this life saving experience which she put into motion. Well done Angela! We are very proud of you!



 Mike Pravec

SNK9 / president 


DELILAH is in our hands now!

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Zoey...Home at last!On Thursday March 11th, Delilah was spayed and pulled from the shelter by Special Needs K9. She is now in our foster care in the home of the two that run this special needs rescue, Mike and Stacey. 

Her name was changed from Delilah, which means “delicate, weak, languishing” in Hebrew to Zoey, from the Greek name of Zosimus, meaning “viable” or “likely to survive”. She is a survivor!

You can still help by making a donation on Zoey’s behalf.


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Kimbo - new homeKimbo the Cane Corso, who was rescued from the Bronx was adopted.  After his surgery and some time for recovery, Kimbo was ready for his second “meet & greet” with Tom, a prospective adoptor in Long Island.  The meet and greet with the other dogs went extremely well and Kimbo was adopted by Tom.  We must thank our fosters, Betty and Frank (photo) who went to great lengths to help with Kimbo’s journey to his new home.  And let’s not forget their children, Francis 17, Paul and Corina 15, who all took part in helping with Kimbo, while he was in their foster care.  They did indeed play a big role in saving Kimbo’s life. Well done! This is what it’s all about!  :)


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KimboKimbo, the Cane Corso from the Bronx, whose deadline was January 31, 2010, was rescued by Special Needs K9.  He is currently recovering at one of our foster’s home from surgery.  Kimbo received eye surgery, was neutered and vaccinated.  Hopefully we will have a forever home for him very soon.


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BiggieBiggie will have a second chance at life. Thank you all for spreading the word about him. He was rescued just hours before being euthanized. We would like to thank all of you that not only support our organization, but all the other animal rescue groups out there as well. We all share a common goal.     One life saved…many more to go.

Our Special Needs Pack

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These are our rescued dogs.  They all suffered from either neglect, abuse, tumors, dental problems, eye surgeries, skin disorders, allergies, stone or blood clot surgeries and hips problems.  They now all live in our home that provides them with care and unconditional love.   


Our Pack
Our Pack

Going home – Video/ slide show (Mr. Blue’s story)

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Click the link below, then run, and once and image appears, click on the image to start the video.  It was posted by “Special Needs K9” and it is virus free…(Scanned by Trend Micro Internet Security.)

Mr. Blue/Willie’s Journey…Slide show/Video

Mr. Blue