Truffle, the guinea pig, saved.

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Frannie & TruffleTruffle is a beautiful, sweet and affectionate guinea pig whose owner contacted a local animal hospital and wanted to give Truffle away. The owner also stated that if Truffle does not have a new home within 2 days, Truffle would be “discarded”.

The animal hospital contacted Tina Cox, a woman who has a passion for these wonderful creatures. Tina has rescued many “piggies” in the past including two through SNK9 and has seven of her own.

The time was of the essence, and Tina contacted Special Needs K9. We put the information and request for help on facebook and received an almost immediate response from Frannie, who runs Hug-a-Bunny Rabbit Rescue along with her friend Jamie.

Frannie said she would take Truffle. We picked him up at the animal hospital and transported him into the safe hands of Frannie (see photo), who actually gave him the name “Truffle”. She said, “new name for a new beginning”. 

Special Needs K9 would like to thank the team of people who helped save Truffle’s life, including the people at Dumont Animal Hospital, Tina Cox, Frannie and Jamie of Hug-a-Bunny Rabbit Rescue!

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