September 5th, 2010, SNK9 celebrated our one year anniversary. Tink adopted!

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On September 5th, 2010, we celebrated our one year anniversary. It all started one year ago with Mr. Blue/Willie.

Since then, SNK9 saved many lives and assisted with rescue of many others.
We are grateful for the support of our members, fans and all the animal lovers out there that have been so generous in assisting us towards achieving our common goal.

Tink and new familyIt was also on this day that a wonderful dog named Tink was adopted from SNK9, by a wonderful family. Tink was pulled from the shelter by SNK9, along with a couple of other dogs (Diva/Sara and Marley) a few weeks ago, all suffering from severe kennel stress, which would have ultimately claimed their lives.
So, congratulations Tink and your new family!

Photo: Tink on the left, next to Jax (once used as a “bait” dog, before being rescued), with their parents. Teddy and Toni have done an amazing job with Jax and we know that Tink is in the best of hands.

Even though our last year was a success, we are shooting for the stars in the coming year, but once again, we will be asking for your help in the future!

Thank you all!

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