Help Us Help TUCKER!

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TuckerTucker, who is only 6 years old, has cancer. Although he’s in temporary foster care, the cancer has altered his mind in some ways and he is now considered unadoptable. He still has a lot of life in him and wants to enjoy the rest of his life eating lots more treats and run around some!

Some have suggested euthanasia again, but would we do that to a human that still has some good years to live without pain and suffering? Why not give Tucker the same chance that we would not only expect, but also demand for ourselves and other humans. Even though the cost is high, we cannot and will not turn our back on the sick and the unwanted. We just need help. Let’s not sign him off just yet!

Tucker will need your help to reach his forever home at the Spirit Animal Sanctuary, where Reuben and Buddy went to live out their years. We have to raise a little over $3,500 which will guarantee him a place in this wonderful sanctuary (that cost is “for life”.)

To donate to Tucker’s fund, just type in the donation comments “Tucker” and 100% of those donations will go directly to helping this high-spirited boy. Once at the sanctuary, he will receive all the love and care he needs for the rest of his life.

All donations are tax deductible.

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