Trooper arrives in sunny California.

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Trooper1From roaming the streets of Elizabeth for over 2 years with a broken leg, Trooper, is a true “rags to riches” story.

After his left rear leg had to be amputated, it took Trooper some time to recover. After nearly ten months, Trooper has finaly found his forever home in San Diego, CA. He will be enjoying the sun with his new family who lives on the beach.

Trooper in CAOur hats off to All Star Pet Rescue, their team and all others that were involved to ensure that Trooper get his chance at happiness.

It would be ideal if every story had such a happy ending, but unfortunately that is not the fact.

So please don’t buy, but adopt instead. Support your local rescue groups so there can be more endings like Trooper’s. Sometimes, fairy tales do come true!  Way to go Trooper!

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