Marley needs a home!

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Marley and StaceyMarley is a six year old Pit Bull Terrier who was pulled out of a shelter by SNK9 due to suffering from severe kennel stress. What’s even more unfortunate is that Marley was a resident at the shelter not once but two separate times.

We don’t know much about his first stay at the shelter and why he was even there, but we do know that after quite a while, he was finally adopted and things were going well for him. One year later the economy came crashing down, and his new owners had to move to an apartment that didn’t allow dogs. So at no fault of his own and after being with his family for about one year, Marley was brought back to the shelter, where he remained until he could no longer take the stress and started loosing weight.

Marley wth SaraWe have had Marley in SNK9 foster care for several weeks now and he is a wonderful dog! He is great with people, children and other dogs. He has a sweet personality and has finally put some weight back on. His only issue is that he still suffers from separation anxiety, or what some might call “extreme loyalty”. He will follow you anywhere and feel sad and broken when you leave him. As we are working on this issue, we still know that Marley will need a home where he is not left home alone for very long periods of time and where he is exercised daily.

If you would like to meet Marley, please contact us.

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