Three dogs saved from inner city shelter.

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Paterson shelter Transport (2) copyThree dogs that were in urgent need of rescue were picked up at an inner city shelter by Special Needs K9 crew, Leigh and Stacey. Once loaded up, all three were transported to Sussex County, where a second leg (Vanessa) picked them up to bring them to their final rescue destination at the Humane Society of Milford, PA.

There were other people involved in the process of saving these three lives…Frannie from Hug-a-Bunny Rabbit Rescue, Vanessa (a young vet tech involved in animal rescues), RBARI shelter (provided transport crates) and of course others behind the scenes. This brings us to the same point that Paterson shelter Transport copywe have mentioned many times before: It is not only great when people work together to save the lives of innocent animals, but it is an absolute must!  Although saving one at a time is the core of many rescues including SNK9, if we all work together, we can certainly make a much greater impact.

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