Mr. Cakes is looking for his forever home!

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CakeHi there! My name is Mr. Cakes but I am also known as Cakey, Cake and Bake, Baker Boy and I am GORGEOUS 3 year old American Bulldog. My foster mom gave me those names because she said I am soooo sweet and well, I kind of had a “crumby” life. You see the people who had me before left me outside all day, every day. I only had about four feet of rope and was surrounded by six foot fences. It was pretty cold some nights and WOW was it hot in the summer! I am not sure why my old owners left me outside, I tried to tell them that I wanted to be indoors with them but I guess they didn’t understand.

But that’s all over now! Lucky me! My foster home has heat, air conditioning Cake3and a soft bed for me to lay on every night! I get to play with my foster brothers and sisters too! I love to play a lot, especially with other dogs! I also like running around my yard. One of my favorite things to do is to chase the water from the garden hose. I get to play AND I get a bath at the same time! See? Aren’t I great?

I am very gentle but full of energy. I’m happy being the submissive one in a relationship. I’m a lover, not a fighter!

I’m neutered and up to date with all of my shots.

If you’d like to find out more about this wonderful dog or meet him, you can contact us or you can contact Mr. Cakes directly at his own e-mail:

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