Bella Hope…another victim of the human hand.

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Bella Hope…a victim of abuse, torture, and horrible neglect is finally safe.

Bella Hope - vetIt was November 30th, 2010 as we received a call from a rescue friend that a massive euthanasia action was under way at one of the shelters from which we have pulled dogs before.

As nearly a dozen innocent dogs were scheduled to be euthanized, Stacey (SNK9 vice president) raced to the shelter to try to save at least one. Unfortunately, it could only be one since all our fosters are full and there is a great shortage of people willing to foster.

Upon arrival, the vet was already making his rounds and no time was being wasted. As Stacey was saying her good byes to some of the dogs, one caught her eye.  It was a little black Pit mix that was shaking like she has never seen before. This dog was only about 2-3 years old and had scars all over her face, mostly on her right side. She was there for only a week and she was on the “put to sleep” list.

Some of the scars seemed to be only a couple of weeks old and some were Bella Hope2fully healed. It became quickly obvious that this dog was not only used for breeding but also as a bait dog. It was also obvious that besides the visible scars, the emotional scars were even worse. This dog was completely terrified. She was bleeding from her nose and was not able to get up on her own. Some of the other dogs looked healthier and stronger but to stay true to our purpose and mission, Stacey chose her. She was not going to die, not that day and not there. We owed her too much for the unspeakable criminal acts committed by the human hand. She was going to get a chance at life and love. Being that she was barely able to walk, Stacey picked her up and carried her off to safety, leaving all the evil she endured behind, never to see again.

Beyond the scars and fear, there was beauty and hope. We named her “Bella Hope”.

First stop was Kamp Kanine for a bath, since Bella Hope was soaked in urine. Next stop, animal hospital.

She was seen by one of the best veterinarians in the area given the seriousness of her condition.

Bella Hope’s nose was bleeding and her breathing was very labored. It appeared that one of her toes was broken, her temperature was 4 degrees below normal and given her under-developed muscles, her stance, posture, her wobble, staggering and difficulty walking, it was determined that Bella Hope most likely spent most, if not all of her life in a small crate…too small even for her 27 pound frame. She was used for breeding and when she became useless for that she was used as a bait dog before being thrown away. Only time will tell if she suffered permanent neurological damage.

Bella Hope was found abandoned outside in an open area, alone, scared and unable to move before being picked up by animal control and taken to the shelter.

Bella Hope next dayThe worst of her ordeal is over. She is safe at last, resting comfortably in our home till she gets well enough physically and emotionally to be placed either into a foster or forever home. Considering what she has been through, this little girl is very forgiving. She loves our touch and it is very obvious that she loves other dogs as ours lay around her crate and make her feel right at home.

We will keep you posted on Bella Hope’s condition.

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