13 month old Rocco receives help from SNK9.

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Rocco, a 13 month old Boston Terrier, developed a film over one of his eyes. The family’s regular veterinarian diagnosed him with congenital glaucoma with an eye ulcer.

The family could not afford the lifetime of care and reached out to SNK9. We set up and funded an evaluation for Rocco at the Animal Eye Center of New Jersey.

RoccoThe opthamologist there didn’t see any signs of glaucoma and Rocco was diagnosed with Keratitis from eye trauma. Rocco received eye drops to reduce inflammation and a follow up visit still showed no signs of glaucoma.

Rocco is back to normal and his old self again.

This is an example why at certain times it is so important to seek an opinion of a specialist. Especially when dealing with eyes, opthamologists have the equipment that most regular vets don’t. This equipment is essential to making a correct diagnosis, without which eyesight can be lost. In many cases, eye drops can either solve the problem or at least slow down the process of deterioration.

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