Cracker Jack – Team work proves miracles do happen!

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Cracker Jack is a 2 year old Jack Russell that was surrendered by his owner at an inner city shelter.

Cracker JackCracker was going to be euthanized the same day he was brought in, even though he had done nothing wrong and appeared to have no behavioral issues. Usually, dogs get 7 days at most city shelters to give people a chance to reclaim them. Cracker’s case was different. Since he was surrendered by his owner, the shelter did not have the legal responsibility to keep him for the 7 day period.

When we met Cracker, even though he was in a very stressful and unpleasant situation, he kept wagging his tail (photo) and shared countless kisses.

We reached out to SNK9’s loyal friends and supporters asking for help in finding this little guy a foster or permanent home. We only had hours to work with and luckily, one of our supporters, Gina Mastrogiovanni, contacted us with news that one of her long time friends, an experienced dog owner who loves the breed was interested in adopting him.

We pulled Cracker out of the shelter, and took him to the vet for a check up, blood work, shots and to be neutered.

The next day, we picked him up at the vet and traveled to the country to do a meet and greet and a home check with his new potential mommy.

Cracker Jack homeThere was an instant connection between the two and everything else went great as well, including meeting with the family’s 2 dogs and a cat.

It was a perfect match and the adoption process was completed before the end of the day.

One week later, his mom reports that he’s just the sweetest thing and she has found an awesome and forever friend in Cracker.

This is yet another case with a similar story and proof that when people pull together, share information and work as a team, miracles do happen and lives are saved!

Merry Christmas Cracker and special thanks to Gina!

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