BELLA HOPE…Up for adoption!

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Bella HopeBella Hope is finally up for adoption!

This special lady has gained some weight and made a lot of progress following her emergency intestinal surgery!

After being used as a “bait” dog, subjected to severe abuse and neglect, her physical as well as her emotional scars are healing and she is coming out of her shell, showing her incredibly loving and happy personality.

Although Bella Hope is about 2-3 years old, her true birthday is November 30, 2010…the day she was rescued, marking the beginning of her new life.

***Click here to read about Bella Hope’s rescue and her journey.

Bella Hope has been transferred to an incredible and loving foster home, Bella scarswhere she resides with a number of other dogs.

Although still a little scared at times, she LOVES people and absolutely ADORES other dogs!

She is very sweet and has a calm personality. She loves to cuddle up in warm places and is 98% housebroken. 

After all that she has been through, Bella Hope needs a very special home. She has already been spayed and would do best in a home where she is not left alone for very long periods of time and has one or more doggie friends to play with. 

Bella @ foster home (4)If you would like more information about Bella Hope, you can call or e-mail us . If you do have an interest in adopting this special dog, please include your home, property and family information in your e-mail.

This information should include: Number of family members…if children, how many and their ages, number of other pets in the household, your work schedule/hours away from home and property info, such as: home type (apartment or house), rent or own, fenced in yard, pool and other general description of the property. 

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