CHANCE, young Boxer abandoned and left for dead rescued by SNK9.

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Chance is a 1 1/2 year old Boxer that was abandoned inside the basement of a vacant house, left to die.

Chance (2)Chance (4)













Being rescued by SNK9, Chance has gotten a second “Chance” at life. He is currently in the process of getting healthy and will begin his training at Kamp Kanine, a boarding and training facility we work with.

Chance is about 70lbs and once healthy, he should be around 90 lbs. He is good around other dogs and is very playful.

He will need a family with strong leadership once he is available for adoption.

Chance scar2Chance as all dogs will deserve a family that can provide him with a home, unconditional love and security…something we are sure this boy has never experienced in his life.

It took us several days to realize that Chance has a deep scar on his chest. Since the scar is deepest on the bottom and fades out on the sides, there appears to be only one explanation.

Chance was most likely tied up around his chest since he was a puppy to prevent his escape, only to be left behind when his captors decided it was time for them to “go”.

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