SNK9 and Lily visit Eisenhower Middle School in Wyckoff, NJ.

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The first step in saving lives of innocent animals starts with awareness and education. Educating our younger generations is key so that one day they can take our place in the rescue world and make a difference. 

Lily with Stacey and Mrs.EIt was December 14th, 2010 and Stacey Pravec (V.P. of SNK9) and our Lily (a dog rescued from euthanization), who we frequently use to help balance troubled dogs, went to visit Mrs. Ebanietti’s 7th grade class at the Eisenhower Middle School in Wyckoff, NJ.

The goal was to do just that…bring awareness and educate the students on issues regarding animal welfare, neglect, abuse and rescue.

The students were a wonderful audience. They showed so much interest in learning all there was to know about these important issues. They asked relevant questions as they played with Lily, who enjoyed all the attention she was receiving.

Lily class

The school visit was a big success. The students were very interested in learning about how they can help and came up with some great ideas such as walking dogs along with decorating and selling dog bowls in order to raise funds for Special Needs K9 Rescue.


A couple of weeks later, we received the following e-mail from the class:

Dear Stacey,

We want to help Special Needs K9 because we are all very interested and
concerned about animal welfare. Class pictureOnce we found out about how many animals are neglected each year, we went to Special Needs K9 for help. To our delight we got a personal visit from Stacey, Gina, and Lily. Lily’s story
inspired us to save more dogs from high kill shelters. Just saving one
animal’s life makes a huge difference. We can’t imagine how many dogs
wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for charities like Special Needs K9.
We are very fortunate to be able to help them achieve their goals and reach our own. Together we can make a difference.
Ryan, Caroline, Mike, Kara, Elliot, Maya, Connor, and Abby


There was another e-mail (below) sent to SNK9 by the students:

Hello this is Maya, Caroline, Kara, and Abby from Eisenhower Middle School and our project is going great. We already made over 50 dollars with our dog walking service and we are going to make dog bowls as well. With the  money that we raise, we want to save dogs’ lives or help with their medical care that makes an impact. Those are some of our ideas. We want to save as many dogs’ lives as possible!

Thank you,

Maya, Caroline, Kara, and Abby


After answering all their questions, we were very pleased with the motivation of these young people and their eagerness to help!

We thank the Eisenhower Middle School, Gina and especially Mrs. Ebanietti and her students for the opportunity to come in and share our knowledge and experiences with them.

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