ISABELLA, the Shar Pei/Lab mix can finally see!

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Isabella, the Shar Pei/Lab mix who suffered from an extreme case of entropion can finally see again.

Isabella had her surgery 6 weeks ago and it was a huge success. Dr. Cattiny of Pompton Lakes Animal Hospital performed the surgery and had to¬†reconstruct parts of Isabella’s eye lids. This was the most severe case of entropion anyone of us has ever seen.

Isabella now moves her head around non-stop to look at every little movement as she enjoys her new gift of sight. Her recovery has been amazing as the photos below show her journey from before surgery (left), two days post surgery (middle), and finally six weeks after (right).

Isabella after surgery June

Click on each image to enlarge.Isabella, Angel1Isabella after surgery1 copy

Click here to read about Isabella’s story and her journey to be able to open her eyes and see again.

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