7th Grade students from Wyckoff raise funds for SNK9.

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It started in December, 2010 with a visit from SNK9 to Mrs. Ebanietti’s 7th grade class at Eisenhower Middle School in Wyckoff, NJ. Our mission for this visit was to raise awareness about homeless and needy animals to our younger generation.

Abby, Cameron, Caroline, Connor, Elliot, Eric, Kara, Mike and Ryan were the students in this 7th grade class. They listened and took everything to heart. But that was just not enough for them. Now that they knew the horror that so many homeless pets have to go through, they wanted to make a difference and help save lives.

And so they did. These 12 and 13 year old kids embarked on a mission to raise money for Special Needs K9 by selling customized dog bowls and walking dogs. It was called their “Dog Bowls Project”, and they called themselves SNK9 “Puppy Pals.”

In mid June, 2011 just before the summer break and after months of hard work and dedication, the Puppy Pals contacted us and said they were ready to present us with their contribution.

SNK9 Puppy Pals sold 102 dog bowls, walked 18 dogs, collected $71.00 in coin donations, and $105.00 from a bake sale…GRAND TOTAL: An unbelievable $687.75…that is not counting the 16 bowls made for SNK9 to use for our foster dogs.

SNK9 Puppy Pals

So our hats off to these young people…the Puppy Pals…for not letting it in one ear and out the other, for not looking the other way! They are our heroes and inspiration.

Special thanks to Mrs. Ebanietti, Eisenhower Middle School and we must not forget the parents of these amazing kids, who did such a wonderful job in raisinig their children.

Thank you PUPPY PALS!

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