HALO…abused, neglected, sick and abandoned, saved by SNK9.

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Halo is a sweet 3 year old Pit Bull Terrier. Judging by his appearance, one might say this emaciated, scar-ridden boy is a senior on his “last leg.”

Halo W1Severely abused, neglected and then thrown away to a high kill NY shelter, Halo was very sick and set to be euthanized on July, 25th, 2011, only 4 days after being “dumped off.” Although mild mannered and sweet, he was just another dog least likely to be adopted that was going to suffer the consequences of human “unkindness.” We were not about to let him be punished due to the actions of his previous owner, someone without a conscience and a heart. Halo was put on hold and saved by SNK9 the day he was scheduled to die.

Halo WOnce in our hands, Halo was transported directly to Pompton Lakes Animal in NJ for treatment and rehabilitation. Six weeks later, Halo still remains at the hospital until he gets healthy enough to go to foster care. His progress has been slow but steady. He has been receiving great care and attention at the hospital. He is always happy to see people and other dogs. To us, he is “just another dog” that examplifies how quickly abused dogs forgive and their power to love.

Stay tuned for updates!

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