ICE is a BLIND 5 months old puppy looking for love and a home!

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IceIce is a 5 months old blind Pittie mix puppy. Ice came from a neglectful and abusive home. He is safe now, but we need to find him a more permanent foster home or forever home! Please don’t stop reading…this boy needs and deserves a chance and once you learn more, you won’t even know he is blind as some people that have met him didn’t even realize that this little boy could not see!

After a mountain of tests and an MRI, the doctors have determined that any abuse that Ice may have suffered did not cause the blindness. The doctors say he was most likely just born this way. No one even knew that Ice is also hearing impaired but can hear and does respond to human voice. This came to light only after the tests at the animal hospital. We also believe he might be able to see shadows…either that or he uses him nose like a sophisticated radar since he is able run around the foster family’s yard and turn before hitting the solid fence or the trees. Dogs have such a great sense of smell that they easily compensate for the loss of sight or impairment thereof.

The good news is that Ice’s condition is non-progressive, he is otherwise perfectly healthy and can live a healthy and happy life!

All we are asking is that people open their minds. The rest will follow…Once you meet this wonderboy, you might just open your heart and your home to him.

We are still attempting to figure out if any of this can be reversed since it is fluid in the brain that has caused this condition…and once again, this is a non-progressive condition so nothing will get worse.

VIDEO of ICE running and playing coming soon. You will be amazed at his navigation skills!

We will post any updates as we get them.

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