HOLLY, an 11 month old Christmas miracle needs a home!

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Holly is an 11 month old Pittie mix and just like Noelle, she was scheduled to be euthanized on Christmas 2011, at a high kill NYC shelter. There was going to be no evaluation and Holly was automatically placed on a “Euth list” since she had a terrible case of mange, a skin condition causing open wounds and scabs all over the body, as well as hair loss.

We already took in Noelle and didn’t want to leave Holly behind to die just because she was sick! But we had no foster homes available for her. Once again, we turned for help to our friends at Zani’s Furry Friends in NYC and Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge (RBARI) in Oakland, NJ.

Joining hands with others that share our passion for saving lives of innocent animals would once again prove to work and save Holly’s life. The girl’s at Zani’s helped us get Holly out of the shelter. We agreed to take care of her medical bills and RBARI agreed to house her once she was well enough to leave the hospital. 

Once at the hospital, besides the mange, Holly was also found to suffer from a number of ailments including Canine Influenza, which is highly contagious. She would have to be quarantined for at least a couple of weeks.

About one month later, on the same day Noelle was released from the hospital, Holly was getting her discharge papers as well. She was now healthy and her coat is getting much better. It will still take some time to get her coat back to normal but she is expected to make a 100% recovery. She is extremely sweet, submissive and excellent around people, children and other dogs.

Holly is currently housed at the RBARI facility in Oakland, NJ where she goes by the name Molly to aviod confusion with a different Holly that used to reside there.  Holly/Molly is up to date with all her shots and can be visited during normal adoption hours (to view adoption hours, click on the RBARI link above).  PHOTO ABOVE, HOLLY/MOLLY NOW.

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