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PEARL (hiding in the back of the photo) was found scared and living in garbage by Animal Control in central New Jersey.

Used for breeding at some point in her life as well as an obvious victim of ABUSE, Pearl was found with a bloody nose which was later diagnosed as a BROKEN JAW.

This blunt force trauma injury was certainly no accident.

Kicked in the face or being struck by a hard object was most likely just a part of what that caused this extremely sweet dog to be very fearful as well as “emotionally shut down.”


Although Pearl’s spirit seems to be broken, we know that kindness, love and a stable home will give this girl a chance not only at life full of love and happiness but also a chance to trust humans again.

Pearl has undergone surgery to repair and wire her jaw. She will need a second surgery in a couple of months to remove the wires after which time she will become available for adoption.

Pearl is 4-5 years old,  has been spayed and is up to date on all her shots.

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