BELLE…passed out & HOMELESS in NYC during heat wave.

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BELLE was found overcome by heat on “Belmont” Avenue of Queens in New York City during the heat wave of July, 2013. (see photo)

We took Belle to an Animal Hospital where she had to spend two nights due to exposure to heat and heavy breathing.  While at the hospital, she was spayed and received all her vaccinations. She also received some dental work (K9 removed) and cleaning due to the poor condition of her teeth and infection.

Although Belle was homeless, we found her to be an extremely very sweet and submissive dog.  All she wants to do is give kisses and play.

Belle is good with children, all people as well as all dogs, cats and other pets.

She is a true sweetheart and a sharp contradiction to a common stereotype of dogs of same or similar breed, especially those living on the streets.

She is one of the sweetest dogs we have come ever come across…but then again…aren’t they all? :)


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