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This is Bella’s story…

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BELLA was used as a backyard breeding dog, kept in a small crate where she could not even stand up. When she wouldn’t breed anymore, she was used as a “bait dog” for illegal dog fighting. After that, Bella who was full of scars and unable to walk, was thrown away into a high kill inner city shelter. She was saved by Stacey of “Special Needs K9” literally seconds before her execution as they stood over Bella with the needle in hand repeatedly telling Stacey to get out of the way that she was “holding them up”. Stacey was finally able to pick Bella up off the floor and take her out of the chamber of hell into safety. Although Bella couldn’t even walk at the time of her rescue, today she runs like the wind and lives in a loving home with her friend Toby, who was also rescued from death row by SNK9.

To fully grasp the transformation, you MUST watch the below videos, each is only less then one minute long!

Below is BELLA about one WEEK after her rescue

(Video taken at Oradell Animal Hospital)


Below is BELLA about one YEAR after her rescue

(Bella running and playing with Marley, one of SNK9’s “lifers”)


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