COREY…Blind, Neglected & Thrown away!

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CoreyCOREY, the BLIND 2 time NY ACC Shelter resident and DEATH ROW inmate is our Latest Arrival. VICTIM OF NEGLECT, HE HAS SERIOUS MEDICAL ISSUES THAT REQUIRE IMMEDIATE ATTENTION & SURGERY ON BOTH EYES! **BELOW is COREY’S STORY & DETAILS but first, if you’d like to help with his medical costs, here is our donate link:
**THIS IS COREY’S STORY: Although listed as BLIND, we believe he may have “some” limited vision BUT has entropion in both eyes requiring immediate surgery! It is a painful condition where eyelashes grow inward, scratching the eyeballs as well as conjunctivitis, terrible ear infection, need for neutering etc. IN PAIN & constant discomfort, COREY was terribly NEGLECTED for 8 months by the last owner who took him from the shelter and provided COREY with NO MEDICAL ATTENTION Corey3WHATSOEVER only to return him back to the shelter several days ago (after 8 months). COREY, now with a BROKEN HEART, had to face DEATH ONCE AGAIN. COREY is 7 years old and VERY SWEET with people, kids, other dogs as well as cats. NOT A BAD BONE IN HIS BODY but his BLINDNESS & misfortune of having medical issues has nearly cost him his life…TWICE! NEVER AGAIN…NOW HE IS SAFE AND WILL NEVER BE RETURNED…EVER!!!
Without funds & fosters, rescues are helpless! So we are very grateful to Amy Grzankowski, and thank her for stepping up to foster COREY for us! Becoming a foster for any rescue is very special and SAVES LIVES, especially hard cases like COREY with medical issues who really don’t stand much of a chance inside the shelters! Another THANKS goes to Vallie Koren of Zani’s Furry Friends for all her help and rescue work! We greatly appreciate it!!! WORKING TOGETHER SAVES LIVES…SO PLEASE CONSIDER GETTING INVOLVED…ANY WAY YOU CAN. FOSTER,VOLUNTEER OR DONATE…IT ALL MAKES A DIFFERENCE! THANK YOU!

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