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MinnieWe intercepted a Chihuahua, who we now call MINNIE, in the parking lot of a kill shelter before being DUMPED! We had some hard cases lately and we’re NOT financially fit for this but WE TOOK HER ANYWAY…How could we NOT!!! This is just another example of terrible neglect of what we call “Man’s best friend”! One of the worst cases of neglect we have seen in a long time!

SHE COULD HARDLY WALK so we took her to an Animal Hospital right away and we are awaiting test results, blood-work, ultrasound etc. Minnie is about 7 years old and remains hospitalized. There are 3 tumors, 1 giant, 2 smaller…maybe more. In the very best case scenario, she is facing a leg amputation besides the tumor removals etc. If you’d like to donate toward Minnie’s medical care, please click here. ┬áDon’t know what else to say…But how a human being could let this go untreated is COMPLETELY INHUMANE!!!

Cost or funding will play NO ROLE in our decision to proceed with care or to let this sweet dog “go”. Testing is already underway so it all depends on factors such as cancer, pain & suffering, quality of life, prognosis, vet recommendation etc…These are the only factors that will decide Minnie’s fate. ONLY whatever is in Minnie’s best interest, free of any suffering!

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