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Delilah is a young SWEETHEART who is located at the BERGEN COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER in Teterboro, NJ.
She is considered to be a “Special Needs” dog because she has Vestibular disease which has caused a slight head-tilt, which we find to be her cutest feature. Also the facial paralysis on the right side of her face has been determined to be non-progressive. While at the vets being diagnosed for her facial paralysis she was also found to be lyme positive which is currently being treated. Even though she has some medical issues, it has not taken away from her manners, personality or love for humans.IMG_1781
While traveling back and forth to the vet office, it has been found that she absolutely loves the car as she just sits back and enjoys the ride.
In the beginning when first taken out for her walk, she tends to be strong on the leash but with some corrections she walks very nicely and her favorite part of going out is when she is given a toy to trot along with.
Just the other day after a walk and play time with Stacey, the Vice President of Special Needs K9, they both went and sat inside the kennel. Stacey found that Delilah absolutely LOVES to get massaged. Every time Stacey would stop, she would turn around and give her the sweetest look as to say “more please.” Another positive thing is that she keeps her kennel very clean.
With all these great qualities what’s not to love about this beauty.
If you or someone you know is looking for a sweetheart to adopt please give Delilah a chance!
For more info you can contact us or the shelter directly.

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