Kimbo (Cane Corso) needs a home.

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Kimbo (3)This is Kimbo, a 15 months old male (pure breed) Cane Corso in desperate need of a home. These photos were taken of Kimbo on the morning of 1-26-2010. His left eye is really bad & will need to be looked at ASAP. The bottom lid is curling inward into his eye, so he can barely open it and squints most of the time. Other than his eyes & him needing a good bath, he’s pretty much healthy. The past owner had Kimbo for 10 months and is unable to keep him due to economic issues. He listens to the 2 basic commands, sit & stay. He does tug when being walked and will need some leash training. He’s approximately 90-100lbs, and is not neutered. He’s housebroken and spends about 8 hrs a day loose in the house, during the week, alone without having any accidents. He’s very friendly with people and loves children.Kimbo He does very well with other dogs, as he is timid and has no dominance traits in him. He’s still considered a young dog for his breed & is very playful. He loves to run free, so he does need room to run and needs to be exercised every single day and also needs to be challenged. He’s currently located in the Bronx, NY. Transportation for Kimbo is available through Special Needs K9. Please contact us if you or someone you know is interested in Kimbo or is able to foster him.

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