“URGENT” – TROOPER…Desparetely seeking a foster home for recovery!

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Trooper1This poor Rottie was roaming the streets of Elizabeth using only three legs for at least 2 years, since one of his rear legs was broken. Animal control finally caught up with him earlier this week and put him in a local pound. All Star Pet Rescue immediately pulled him out and brought him to a vet. His rear leg is severely atrophied, infected & oozing, and will need to be amputated.

We were contacted to help this poor boy, who is terrified of everything, but has been a trooper through it all. Trooper That’s why he was given the name “Trooper”. He is currently located in a kennel, which is not the best environment for a recovery after an amputation. We are desperately seeking anyone that can foster Trooper after his operation. If you are unable to foster him, you can still make a difference by making a donation on his behalf, to help with his medical costs. Trooper is a sweet dog and is only muzzled in this photo from the vet’s office because no one was sure how he would react. Please help give this boy a second chance!

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