Two dogs, one blind, given away without owner’s consent during his stay in a hospital.

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The owner of two beautiful rescued dogs spent a week in a local hospital in NJ.Abbie Once out of the hospital, he learned that those two dogs had been taken from him, apparently by a family member, and given away without his consent. That family member is not co-operating with the dog’s owner and will not disclose their location or status. 

One of the dogs, Abbie (8 year old Lab/Pit Bull mix), is completely blind. The other dog, Spencer (3-4 year old Corgi/German Shepherd mix), has separation issues. The owner, who himself was a volunteer at a local shelter in theSpencer 1 past, is devastated and asked for our help. 

First, we need to find these dogs in order to make sure that they are OK and they are properly cared for. All other legal issues pertaining to this matter are secondary and can be addressed in the future. Please let us know if you have seen or heard anything regarding these two pups.


UPDATE: 4/8/10  Special Needs K9 made a phone call to the relative (mother) yesterday evening (4/7/10) on behalf of our rescue group in an attempt to find out if the dogs were alive and properly cared for. We were told they were. Unable to just take anyone’s word for it, we asked to visit them in person to verify that they were OK. That request was not granted, but we were told that the new “owners” would be contacted to see if they would consent to it. 

Knowing about the restraining orders between the mother and the son, it was stressed during the conversation with the mother that the owner of the dogs (her son) did not ask SNK9 to call her, did not provide us with her contact information and did not know that SNK9 was actually contacting her.

Despite those facts, we learned the next day, Thursday 4/8/10, that after our conversation, the mother called the police and had the son arrested for a violation of a restraining order. This is a frivolous charge and an attempt to silence the search for these dogs. 


UPDATE: 4/13/10  And the story keeps on getting uglier.  After the dog owner (referred to as “son” above) posted our web-site story about his plea on his Face-book wall, the person that took his dogs away, his own mother, had him arrested, AGAIN. 

We are not done with this case! We’ll keep looking.


UPDATE: 5/11/10  About 2 weeks ago, a judge had ordered the mother to disclose to her son Greg the whereabouts of his dogs. She has not complied with this order. On this day, we attended an enforcement hearing in Bergen County Superior Court. The mother did not show up and the hearing was postponed. 


UPDATE: 6/01/10  After the last court order, where a Superior Court judge ordered Greg’s mother to disclose the whereabouts of his dogs, the order has been been reversed.  Greg reported to us that a judge reversed the prior decision, stating that Greg had given up the ownership rights to his dogs when he went to the hospital.

We feel that the decision was wrong and Greg is in the process of retaining an attorney to continue this legal battle to get his dogs back.

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