Can You Help Us Help Save Reuben?

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Reuben-before copyScroll down for updates.

 In December, this beautiful boy was taken away from his owners because they were starving and beating him.  He endured a lot of abuse including having his mouth tied shut so tightly that the scars are still visible. Reuben was so badly beaten that it caused irreversible neurological damage which makes it difficult for him to walk correctly and process day to day activities.

Although Reuben has gained a lot of weight and looks healthy, it seems as though his emotional scars will never quite disappear.  Reuben is very tense and fearful when around humans and in a home setting. We have tried him in four different homes but it seems that he just can’t get comfortable living around people.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS! What Reuben lacks in trust for humans, he Reuben-after more than makes up in his LOVE of other dogs! They are the only “people” Reuben wants to be around! When Reuben sees other dogs, his body relaxes and his playful puppy side comes out.  Because of this, we have decided that the kindest thing to do for this poor boy is to send him to a dog sanctuary where he can live around other dogs and play, play, play ALL DAY!

The wonderful sanctuary we would like to send Reuben to is Spirit Animal Sanctuary in upstate NY.  He will have over 120 acres to play on and 100 other dogs to call his friends!

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Spirit Animal asks that the dogs be sponsored for the first four years they live there, which totals $3400.00 or $2.30 a day. Rescues don’t have that kind of money but we don’t want to let Reuben down! He has been through so much in his life and deserves a happy ending.  We are asking everyone to chip in what they can!  We are grateful for your $20, $10, $5 or even $1 donation.  No amount is too small and every penny counts! Please help us make Reuben’s nightmare end and his dreams come true!  You can donate on line at In the comment space please remember to type REUBEN so the money goes specifically to him.  If you have any questions, please email Leigh Carmody at                       

Thank you for all your support!!       Please feel free to cross-post!!


UPDATE:  On June 1st, 2010, Leigh Carmody, the person that saved Reuben’s life and nursed him back to health, did successfully transport Reuben to his new home in upstate NY (Spirit Animal Sanctuary, SAS).

Alan, the founder of the sanctuary, welcomed Reuben with open arms and as Leigh reported, it looks like a match made in heaven.

Having been at the sanctuary myself 3 days prior with Buddy, I can certainly vouch for this wonderful place…a dogie heaven!

There are many people to thank and more details to share. Details to follow shortly.

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