Buddy…the fight to save his life!

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Buddy is an American Bulldog/Pit bull mix that either escaped his prison or was just tossed out of a car like a bag of garbage.  He was saved by a girl named Angela (photo) who gave him love and a place to stay, even if only for a few days.  Although he was friendly with us, Angela and even her 9 year old niece Jianna, Buddy had an minor incident which we are sure was brought on by his life’s experiences with the his past “captors”.

Buddy spent the last 11 days at a privately owned animal control company named TYCO, located in Paramus, NJ.  We are still raising funds for Buddy to go to the same animal sanctuary as Reuben.  It specializes in hard to adopt or unadoptable cases such as Reuben and Buddy.  We believe that these dogs should not be left behind, especially since they were both harmed by humans.  Reuben is already going in the very near future, but Buddy is still being held by Tyco, who are not willing to release him, even to Special Needs K9 who has supplied them with all the documents and contracts needed for his release.

Buddy has a spot reserved at this wonderful sanctuary, where he will not be chained to a wall or be forced to spend days at a time locked up in a cage. 

Hopefully, with your help and the help from people like Ellen Thelin, an attorney who is not only heavily involved in animal rescue but has also donated her services to SNK9 in the past and also in this case regarding Buddy.

Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE:   Buddy is safe in a wonderful sanctuary in upstate NY. More details to come soon.    CLICK HERE for a FULL UPDATE.

For now:  We are still raising funds for Buddy…little over $1,200 dollars is still needed to pay off the balance to take care of his basic needs for the rest of his life at the sanctuary. All contributions are tax deductible. If you would like to donate, please Click here.

We do special needs, hard adoptions or unadoptable cases (they are all special needs). We take the cases that no one wants and the ones that have limited time to live. We have to step up and make up for what the heartless people did to the ones with the most pure of hearts. Before we, as humans, hurt them or make them unadoptable, they are just like children, innocent and loving. My wish in life is that they stay that way…and they will…without the interventions of the heartless, selfish, angry and uncaring.

Thank you all for your support and all the help we have received!!! 

Mike Pravec  (SNK9 founder/president).

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