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Buddy is safe and doing great!Buddy-Petey10

After a long and exhausting battle with Tyco (a privately owned animal control service), Buddy was turned over to SNK9 on May29th, 2010.

Tyco wanted to euthanize Buddy even after we offered to take all legal and financial responsibility in order to save his life and give him a new start at the Spirit Animal Sanctuary in upstate NY. After over a hundered calls, documents and contracts, Tyco ran out of hurdles to throw in our way. All we wanted to do is save a life. They did not seem to share our concerns and motives.

So on Saturday, May 29th, Angela, Stacey and I came down to the Tyco facility in Paramus to get Buddy out of yet another prison and transport him to freedom. I came ready with over 50 pages of documents and a dozen different contracts. I was given one piece of paper to sign and that was it. It was a contract assuming all responsibility. Exactly what could have and should have been done in the first place…one piece of paper…I thought to myself, “are you kidding me?”

The money making business of animal control is not something I understand or even want to. What’s even more beyond my comprehension is why Paramus got rid of the shelter and contracted Tyco to operate the facility. When the shelter was run by the town, it was an animal rescue operation, not a “for profit business” as it is now. But that’s another story.

 Angela went and got Buddy out, he was placed into my truck and off we went.

It was a long trip, but after about 5 hours, we reached our destination, the “Spirit Animal Sanctuary”. Alan, the founder and director of the sanctuary greeted us and as I opened my truck to get Buddy out and introduce them, Alan just took the leash from my hands and started playing with Buddy. They were face to face and more dogs were coming to say hello. I was a little nervous, for about 10 seconds. That’s how long it took for me to realize that this man and all his dogs, which now included Buddy, were all one big happy family and there was nothing, and I mean nothing to worry about.

TY Angela, Hi Alan

Buddy SAS








We looked around and got to meet some of Buddy’s future friends and roommates. I thought “so this is what dog haven looks like”. I can’t describe the feeling I had. It was something very special!

We said our “see you later” to Buddy and Alan. As Alan and Buddy started hopping over the tall grass towards the woods, Buddy stopped, turned his head and as if he knew everything, gave us one more look before he and Alan disappeared into the wooded area. I know that look. He said “Thank You!”  We felt it and we knew for certain that he was safe and happy!

It has been 2 weeks since that day, and Alan reported that Buddy, now named Petey (too many Buddies in one place), is doing great and is in fact one of the easier dogs.

I’m thrilled that Buddy got a second chance at life. This time around, it will be much happier. No neglect, no abuse, just a lot of friends and family.

There were many people involved in different ways. Some made a donation, some offered their services, some made calls, wrote letters and e-mails. In the end, a life was saved and that is a big deal!Buddy-Petey with family

We are thrilled that Angela joined SNK9 after this life saving experience which she put into motion. Well done Angela! We are very proud of you!



 Mike Pravec

SNK9 / president 


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