UPDATE: Reuben goes to Spirit Animal Sanctuary (SAS)

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Reuben-beforeREUBEN IS SAFE!

Reuben’s journey started in December of 2009, when he was taken away from his owners after being tortured. Reuben was starved, had his mouth tied shut so tight that the scars are still visible and was beaten so badly that he suffered irreversible neurological damage. This made it difficult for Reuben to walk and process day to day activities.

It was just about over for him…if not for one determined woman with an enormous heart. Her name is Leigh Carmody and she saved Reuben’s life! You see, Leigh did not listen to people that didn’t believe Reuben could make it.  It would be tough, but she did not turn the other cheek. She took this tortured soul into her home to foster and gave him her heart.

Leigh nursed Reuben back to health, and although he looked physically OK, he still had problems walking and worst of all, his emotional scars caused by the human hand didn’t seem to heal.

Leigh and her husband Ron tried Reuben in several different homes but it seemed that  he was just not comfortable living around people…and who could blame him!

What Reuben lacked in trust for humans, he more then made up in his love of other dogs. Leigh and Ron have 4 other dogs and although Leigh wanted to keep Reuben, “five” was a big number. Besides, the most important issue here was what was best for Reuben…what would Reuben like the most. After all, we as humans owed him, and owed him big!

Leigh knew that Reuben would be happiest at a place where he could just be around other dogs and play all day long. She found a place just like this in upstate NY, called the “Spirit Animal Sanctuary”, but it would cost a good deal of money. The sanctuary is a non-profit place and all the money goes to the care of all the dogs that reside there.

Several months ago, Stacey and I were introduced to Leigh and Ron by a mutual friend. We were very impressed by her dedication and determination to save Reuben. We started raising funds for Reuben to be able to go to the sanctuary and live out the rest of his life on his terms.

This is where all of you came in.

From internet postings, to word of mouth, to posting fliers. So many of you stepped up to pitch in and help. Too many people to mention individually, but we thank you all!

Although I didn’t want to mention and single out  any one person, I feel that I must say one special thank you. It goes to a very special person and her angel Caitlin. It’s comforting to know that there are indeed angels among us! You both had such a big part in saving Reuben. Somehow you found us and I do believe in miracles. Thank you, and thank you Caitlin!

Reuben at SASThanks to all of you, the funds needed were raised and Leigh took Reuben on his final journey to his final home. Reuben arrived at the Spirit Animal Sanctuary on June 1st, 2010. Alan (in photo on left with Reuben), the founder and director of the sanctuary, played with Reuben as if they had been friends their entire lives. As I had the pleasure of meeting Alan a few days earlier when I dropped off Buddy, I can say two things:  The sanctuary is dog heaven and Alan is the dog whisperer in my book. The resident dogs, all deemed un-adoptable or hard to adopt at one time or another, are not only well behaved and balanced, but most importantly they all seem so happy! It is a special place and I know that Reuben and Buddy are in the best of hands!


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