Orphaned newborn kittens saved.

admin | July 20, 2010 in News and Updates,Success Stories | Comments (0)

A few days ago, a woman named Judy from Brooklyn called us asking for help with newborn kittens that she found. They were only a couple of days old and stuck in between two fences. Judy said that mamma cat was nowhere to be found and so it seemed that the babies were on their own.
As we are not in NY and it was close to dark, we sent out a plea for help via our face-book.
It was very exciting to hear that you, our fans, made many calls to Judy offering help. One of you actually found a person that had a cat that was lactating and by 11PM same day, the newborn orphaned kittens were delivered to her new mommy. It only took a few moments before the bond was formed and the feeding began.

Our deepest thanks to our loyal friends and fans!

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