Newborn birds need help!

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Well, it’s not kittens this time. During a heavy storm two days ago, a bird’s nest fell out of a tree. The nest also contained two babies no more then a week old. One still had the eyes closed and the other seemed a little bit stronger.

baby doves1The nest was destroyed, so I built a new nest from fine branches, tall dried grass and leaves. I installed the new nest only about 10 feet from the tree where it used to be. After placing whatever was left from the old nest as a top layer of the new one, I carefully placed both babies in it.

I did see what could have been the “momma” bird sitting close by, but after I placed them in the new nest, I have not seen her since. I could not leave the babies on the ground since there are a lot of stray cats everywhere.

The nest was solid and it even had a roof which I built from large leaves, but still had plenty of access for the mother if she appeared.

I bought food for newborn birds baby doves3and after mixing with water, I have been feeding them 2X a day with a syringe. I have not seen any adult birds anywhere close to the nest.

So far they survived one night alone. I have marked the nest with some dried grass so that if there is a larger/adult bird in it at any time I will know. If not, I will have to take these two babies to Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital, in Franklin Lakes, NJ. I know they take in wildlife in need of help.


UPDATE:  Since there was no momma bird around, I did not want to wait another night and leave them exposed to the elements. Both of the babies (Doves) were taken to the Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital. The staff there were wonderful and took the pair without hesitation.

I called a day later, on Wednesday, only to learn that one of them did not make it. The other one is still alive and is in the best of hands. 

I hope he/she makes it and gets a chance to fly one day!


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